Elders - long term

» They will be charged monthly
» The charges include a Non-Refundable Admission Fee (Registration Charges).
» Refundable Deposit (It is for cover emergencies) o (Deposits are refundable after deducting any Dues)
» Charges will be liable to an Annual increase due to inflation.

Casual Basis

» We are also accepted Elders for short period on casual basis.
» This can be useful when children can not offer proper care for their parent due to various problems or when they are away for a short period.
» Please contact us for Room and Service.

Package One

» Individual standard Luxury Room with meals #/= per month.
» Laundry Service per month 20kg Free.
» Linen Free (Bed Sheets, etc.)
» For Life Time :- One Time Payment Negotiable
» 24 Hour Tea/Coffee service on Request